The Scepter Of your Passion Part 2


The Scepter of your Passion Pt.2


The Scepter of Your Passion



When those eyes meet

When you were pink, those tiny eyelashes flickered. The world seemed like a forest and the waving symmetry represented the fluttering wings of a dragonfly. As soon as the sun set, the dragonfly lights itself up and so did you.

You looked up and down; a soft baby.

Time transformed you; from a nymphet to a belle and to a woman.

A woman; muscles within heart; carrying humungous amounts of slivers, attacking it from all the polish. What now was smooth is now rough. But you don’t let it show. Because you know, it’s better to keep those tiny wooden stakes stabbed to your heart, than to breathe out loud and puncture others’.


The moment when you look at me, I shy away

You meet him, her, it; a hermaphrodite; the male Aphrodite. Even though, you carry the earths on your shoulders like Atlas did, you happily receive the mercurial Venus and tend to bear its fruitful love. You fend of Nyx and give birth to Eros; a platonic son.

You’ve heard the tales, all of them. From afar, you can see Hercules nearing you. Although, you let Hercules carry your weights, but this time around, the grand escape is not THE prize, it’s a sorrow.

For a few seconds you let him take your world, you wept. You grab your duty; your right onto your shoulders again, but this time, it feels light. Alas! That thief plucked those golden apples from the orchard. You are weeping.

But you realize, history repeats. You’ll meet an Aphrodite and a Hercules again. You’ll go through the grief again.

Therefore, even if that is for an instant; the moment you look at me, you realize that the apples are bobbing.

And when those eyes meet, you’d realize the demigod is coming.

The Sailor and the Sea Nymphet


Looking outside, I do nothing but repent


One glance, one dreadful glance was enough for the voluptuous beauty. The walls crumbled down; Lord and Satan made love. Alas! The sudden affection couldn’t last long. Her turmoil made it impossible to forget him. In the tussle between the fleeting happiness of the future and the unforgivable past of emptiness, she sat still till she DIED.

MOTIVATION: All of a sudden, I had a few flashbacks as to what transpired these past few weeks, and this aided me in getting in touch with my vulnerable side.


Why inflicting pain on your skin is of utmost importance.

I know the fire is going to burn me, but i have to stay close to it, because I crave its warmth.

Time and again, we are reminded that human beings are social animal {emphasis on the word animal}. We can never live in isolation. We always need to exist in a circle; interact with different people; stay with the people we adore.

But sometimes any relation {and not only the one with romantic tones, can be father-daughter, friends, etc.} can fall ill, and as a result become a toxin.

In such cases, you just cannot afford to let yourself loose from the ties. The epiphany. Why? Because they are your family; they are the ones who are an integral part of your existence; they are the ones with whom you have shared moments and memories. 

The most effective way you ask? Just pick up a sharp object and dig it deep into your skin till the rosy fountain ooze out and paint every inch of your fleshy canvas.

What would happen? It would prove to be a great distraction. You would spend more time ogling the physical, rather than going onto the next level.

How would it help?

Whenever a scar appears {out of the blue}, we spend a lot of time looking after it; hiding it; covering it; healing it so that we do not have enough time to get our minds rolling in action.

And that is the most important point, to never let healthy thoughts get to your soul because you do not want any fodder for rejuvenating your soul and then traumatize it to get back to its pathetic self. You would never want to lose that person from your life; you would never want that toxin removed from your spine. And as a positive result {and this is great}, you would be covered in more and more cuts, tears and will be bathing in an enchanting scent of a wounded flesh.

Exciting. Isn’t it?

Written by: The scars on Andre_Gennie.

Writer’s Note: I am so glad to be covering up for him. He was destined to write a new post, but chances had it, that he hopped onto some urgent and important chore i.e. succumbing to my advice. So for a few days, you can expect me to be at your service.